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domingo, 6 de septiembre de 2015


                       "-¿Porque le gusta mas ese?
                         -!Porque es azul!"

Tell me bro, do you like her? 
-Yes, I do like her! 
-Because I feel I can trust her eyes, you know?,  when I see her, I see that she really likes me back. Well, most of the times.  Oh! and she also smiles every time we meet? You know? When we are not expecting each other, but when I run into her, she gives me this big smile!.

-Just that? Just because she smiles at you? 

-She does not smile at me because I look funny, nor because I have something on my face. She smiles at me  because at some point she wants to see me, and when it happens, she is waiting for it. 

-Well, it sounds nice, but not enough for me. Don't get me wrong, but all my friends do the same thing when they see me...

-You don't get it pal!. Let me just show you a very few examples: She gives me everything when I hug her, she does not want me to let her go, I can feel it. Just, like I do not want her to go. She just loves my hugs, and I have her completely when I put my arms around her. She, blushes when she sees me, she laughs at my stupid jokes, she tried to teach me to dance, even when I am the worst at it. Sometimes, she stares at my eyes for infinite minutes. And I feel I can read her soul, or at least, she makes me think I must enjoy the moment. When we spend the time together, she makes me hate the clock for going so fast when I am with her,and so slow when she is away from me. 

-Well, it really sounds nice. But that's because you like her. You are avoiding to see her flaws. 

-She is not flawless... I know that for sure. She hates me sometimes when she is drunk, and she send messages that I really dont understand, let's say, half of the time I feel she really likes me, but the other half I feel she does not like me, I mean, when she drinks... But, she is drunk, you know, she likes me most of the time when she is sober... And I like her even more when I drink and she is drunk... I try to find the meaning to every answer she gives me. Even when the answer shows no sense at all...

-BRO!, it does not even make sense!... 

-I don't care! Listen! when I wake up every morning, she is the first thing I want to know about, when I go to bed, she is the last thing I want to read? I wake up every single morning waiting for a message from her. It can easily make my day. Off course it doesn't happen so often. 
I wait for every unexpected sound in my phone to be a message from her, a smile, a kiss, or the most stupid message ever. Clearly, it does not happen often. Sometimes I just need to know that she remembers my name a third of the time I remember hers... But it doesn't happen either. When the time comes, I know it will be not difficult to understand the place where I am standing, finding a solution, an answer. Just a clue, and I will find the path a must follow. 
But you know what?! I don't care, she has so many ways to shows me she really likes me.

-Is that the first time you feel that? 

-Well no, it isn't. But, but, but, now it is different... 

-How? Why? 

-Bro.... I really don't want to take a second to think about that! 

-I want to know, how is it different now? 

-Well, for sure my friend, I can tell you that every single relationship is different, and it must be taken that way. You Must, every time, start from scratch and hope for the best. 

- Would you say you are in love with her?. 

-I am not in love, just as I know she isn't either. But I do like her. And I want her to be as happy as she can, and I believe I must do everything at hand to make her happy. I don't care if it is for one day, one month or year. Even if it is for one hour, we must enjoy that hour infinitely!. 

- In that, my good friend, I agree with you. Well, let's get some booze. Let's forget that we are humans, just for a while. 

- Hahaha, let's go my friend.